Colac Area Health dietitian Claire Dagley will help educate women about being healthy while pregnant
Nutrition is important for women while they’re pregnant and Colac Area Health is helping educate mothers to be about their health.

A new group education session on nutrition and pregnancy will help expecting mothers or women planning a pregnancy stay informed about relevant and interesting nutrition advice.
Colac Area Health dietitian Claire Dagley said the session would cover healthy eating in pregnancy, which foods to include or avoid, as well as recommendations around achieving healthy weight gain.

Claire said the sessions would also discuss eating during labour, breastfeeding and polycystic ovary syndrome.
“Participants will be presented to by Megan Green, an accredited practising dietitian from Colac Area Health, and enjoy some fruit during the session,” she said.

“Nutrition advice from a dietitian is important because dietitians can help people understand the relationship between health and food, and support expectant mothers to maximise not only their own nutritional health and wellbeing, but also that of their baby.

“Good nutrition in pregnancy can help give babies a great start in life, which can help set them up for good health in the future.”

The session will be at the Blue Room at the Colac Hospital on November 10 from 1.30pm to 3pm and is free.

People can call the Colac Area Health dietitians for more information and can make an appointment with them for individual nutrition advice.

Story and photo courtesy The Colac Herald