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Portland District Health provides a 24-hour midwifery service. The service includes antenatal and post-natal care with support for breastfeeding and parenting.


Our Philosophy

At Portland District Health we view uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth as a normal healthy life event.
We believe every birth as a unique event, and women should receive care appropriate to the social, personal and cultural needs throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and in the days following discharge home.  We encourage women and their families to be actively involved in their transition to parenthood.


Our Service

It is recommended that women, their families and the community know and understand what care is offered at the local health service.

Maternity care at PDH is shared between your GP, our specialist Obstetrician and a team of dedicated midwives.

At Portland District Health we provide low risk birthing services for women with term pregnancies (between 37 - 42 weeks). Those women who develop complications or go into labour less than 37 completed pregnancy weeks, will be referred to a specialist located at a larger regional hospital for birth of the baby.
Portland District Health also provides postnatal and domiciliary care to women who give birth at other hospitals.


Services provided at Portland

1. Booking In Service 
2. Antenatal Care & check ups
3. Pregnancy & Birth education classes
4. Antenatal monitoring (cardiotocograph) if required
5. Antenatal Ultrasounds
6. Labour & birth care
7. Post birth care
8. Breastfeeding support
9. Home visit following discharge home

10. Specialist Obstetric services



Breastfeeding Information and Assistance
Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) -

Having a baby In Victoria -  Explains birth care options in Victoria, what is available and where.

Better Health channel - Information and support links; pregnancy, parenting and services.

Well Women's Website (fact sheets)

 Quit Information line
Ph 13 18 48

 Vichealth Alcohol and pregnancy (Fact sheet)


Postnatal & Parenting Support

24 hr Maternal & Child Health Line
Ph; 132 229

Post & Antenatal depression Association (PaNDA)
Ph; (03) 9428 4600

Beyond Blue

Australian Multiple Birth Association - Information and support links when parenting twins, triplets or more.

Immunisation programme
1300 882 008

Kidsafe - Child accident prevention



Your Pregnancy

There are many steps you can take to help yourself through pregnancy and prepare for childbirth and parenthood. A healthy lifestyle includes eating well, keeping fit with regular exercise and avoiding smoking. It is also important in pregnancy to attend regular checkups and to avoid alcohol and drugs unless they are recommended or prescribed by your doctor. Remind your doctor or other health professional that you are pregnant.

Dental health is important during pregnancy as hormonal changes affect your gums. Bleeding gums is a common problem during pregnancy and care needs to be taken with tooth brushing and flossing. A visit to the dentist is recommended whilst pregnant, and remember to inform them that you are pregnant.


When to notify your doctor/midwife/hospital

It is recommended that irrespective of when your baby is due, you contact your hospital or carer if you have any of the following:



Student midwives

At times there will be midwifery students at the hospital working with the midwife. It is your right to refuse permission for the student to be involved in your care, but it is greatly appreciated when students are given this important supervised learning opportunity.


Coming to hospital

Please contact the midwife on 55210691 when you are in labour. If this call is not successful, phone north ward for further assistance: 55210348. You are asked to come in through Urgent Care Centre at the hospital where you will initially be assessed prior to transfer to the birthing or labour room. There are occasional days when a doctor may not be available when you come into labour. At these times you will be transferred for ongoing care. It is important that you are an Ambulance Victoria member to cover this possibility. Full health care cards cover ambulance.

 What to bring

It is advisable to pack your bag several weeks before your due date.

You need:


Your baby needs:

We suggest you wash all baby clothes before use. Never store baby clothes or bedding in mothballs (naphthalene) as they can be toxic.

Ensure all women have completed the maternity registration paperwork available from North Ward.

 For further information contact the midwives on 55210691

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